Do it Yourself Transfer of VHS to DVD, Film to ….

To transfer VHS to DVD or to copy old film to a digital form is not as easy as you might think. Converting of old video cassettes and dusty film reels will be very challenging if you want to do it yourself or have it done unprofessionally. You can do part of the transfer, or all. You have to be careful either way. If you are a beginner, to make an irreparable mistake is likely to happen. You can damage any of your originals beyond repair. Also, if the “professional” you use, lacks the required knowledge and equipment to do the job right, this could happen too. Either way you might destroy your original media in the process. Do it yourself (DIY) transfers might need some trial and error, and some media that you are willing to risk losing them. At Photo Experts, we do professional transferring of ANY media (VHS, 8mm film, etc.) to various digital formats such as DVD. We are sure that our results are extremely better than what you could after several of hours of work. We will enhance the signals for old medias, and transfer most information such as subtitles, etc. that you might not know how to do.
Preserve videos and film reels conveniently with our professional VHS to DVD services in Los Angeles

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