Photo Enlargements: Avoid grainy texture by using us.

<h1>Photo Enlargements is one of our expertise. </h1> With the birth of digital photos,  we know if you want a picture to be enlarged, you are looking for quality of work. Otherwise you can enlarge it on your computer. <h2>Bring any type of photo, slide, digital file, and we let you know how big you can make it without being grainy or pixelated </h2>.  We can scan your old photos and enlarge it in a way that will surprise you.  Our pricing is fantastic and our quality of work in incomparable.

Los Angeles Photo Lab & Photo Scanning Services

In Los Angeles & Santa Monica: complete professional photo lab with volume discount for photo scanning services and digital imaging services.

With ith over 35 years experience in photo business, we do all types of photo lab services including digital imaging such as scanning images and pictures into JPEG format with high resolution , photo printing, photo scanning, slide scanning, photo restoration and retouching, photo gift items, C41 film processing, headshot printing, zed and comp card design and prints, passport photos, design and custom work catalog and poster, and any other photo related services.

We use the finest digital photo techniques including photoshop to fix flaws, lighting, and colors. For photo prints we use quality photo paper and saturated colors for optimum results.

Also, we do any media to any digital format transfer services including VHS to DVD transfer.