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headshot photographer los angeles
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You have found the most affordable, professional , and expert headshot photographers & headshot prining in Los Angeles. With 35 years experience, we have done actor headshots including headshot printing and zed & comp cards, corporate and business headshot, baby photography, customized passport photos, modeling photography.

At Photo Experts we do high resolution photography and use the right lighting. Also expert and professional retouching is available.

Our headshot prints have lively colors, more depths and visible eye-catching skin tones than other  print shops and photo labs in US.

Further, if needed the headshot photois also maneuvered by professional photoshop expert with complete and detailed knowledge of the various photography techniques to clear any imperfection. Our professionals are also know about color management and modification. All our headshot printing are finalized on true matte or glossy photo paper for a high and natural quality & color saturation. We give discount for volume orders and our prices and quality of work are unmatched.

Our special: $40 for 6 headshots. Please call 310-9033941 for appointment or more info.

Passport Picture:Los Angeles & Santa Monica CVS Walgreens Costco Passport Photos Got Rejected? Come To Us

In USA, US and international passport photos are done usually wrong by CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid pharmacies, Costco, FedEx, UPS, USPS, post office, Walmart, Price Club, Sam’s Club, Target, the Kinko’s, and other stores and shops which their main specialty is not passport photos and use it as side business, etc. and often get rejected, and not guaranteed by these entities. The employees working for these entities usually lack knowledge about digital passport photos, metric system and measurements, shadow elimination, and different rules and regulations which each country including US has for passport photo. If your passport photos got rejected from any consulate including Dutch passport photos and Canadian passport photos and you are not in LA area, call or email us with details of what you want, and we can provide the right and with guaranteed acceptance passport photos for you and send it to you digitally where you can easily get it printed for nominal fee or through UPS or FexEx.

Our prices are affordable and when you gather all the benefits by using our headshot photography services and expertise, we provide cheap passport photos in Los Angeles!

If you have been looking for the best passport photos or visa pictures services in Los Angeles or online, you’ve come to the right place.

Photo Experts is the leading renewal passport and visa photo experts in Los Angeles. We reside in the building for many consulates such as Dutch, Israel, Swiss, and Bulgari. We are the official place for Dutch passport photos and shipping labels (in case you do not want to visit the consulate again), and officially recommended by Israel, Canada, and Austria consulates in Los Angeles for their passport photos. Read our other sections on Dutch and Canadian passport photo specifics. In Los Angeles, We cover a very wide range of passport photos for international, South African, foreign, and European countries throughout the world and pride ourselves in professionalism and getting what you need the right way with the right price. Photo Experts provides passport photos for ALL specs and regulations, and for all countries including US, Dutch, Bulgarian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, New Zealand, Canadaian, Irish, Croatia, Norwegian, British, Iranian, Greek, Australian, Brazilian, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvian, German, Romanian, Hungarian, Albania, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia , BVI , Cambodia , Cyprus , Czech , Estonia , Ethiopia , Ghana , Haiti , Hungary , , Taiwan , Tanzania , Thailand , Trinidad & Tobago , Turkey , UK , Ukraine , Nigeria, UN (United Nations) , Uruguay , Uzbekistan ,Vatican , Venezuela , Vietnam, Jamaica , Jordan , Kazakhstan , Korea , Kuwait ,Lebanon , Lithuania , Malaysia , Morocco , Moldavia ,Pakistan , Panama , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Qatar ,Spain , Sri Lanka , Syria , Argentine,Armenian,Australian,Austria,Azerbaijani,Belgium,biometric,biometric,Bosnia,Brazilian,Bruneian,Bulgaria,Canadian,Chilean,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech,Denmark,Dominican,Egyptian,Emirati,Estonia,European Union,Finland,France,Germany,Ghanaian,Greece,Herzegovina,Hongkong,Hungary,Icelandic,Indian,Indonesian,Iranian,Iraqi,Ireland,Israeli,Italy,Japanese,Kosovan,Latvia,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macedonian,Malaysian,Malta,ministry,Moldovan,Montenegrin,Moroccan,Netherlands,Nigerian,Norwegian,Pakistan,Pakistani,Philippine,Poland,Portugal,Qatari,Romania,Russian,Saudi,Serbian,Singaporean,Slovakia,Slovenia,Somali,Sovereign,Spain,Sudanese,Sweden,Swiss,Taiwan,Tajik,Thai,Togolese,Turkish,Turkmen,UK,Ukraine’s,Ukrainian,Uzbekistani,
Zimbabwe,Foreign, International, Schengen visa rules and many other countries, just let us know about specifics although we have the spec for them.

We are the best place for citizenship lottery photos, as e have done it for many years.

For our passport  photos we will use the gray background, white background, or whatever is required by that government, and our digital passport photos follow all strict size standards such as 1200 x 1200 pixel, 600 x 600 pixel, 150 x 150 dpi, 100 to 200 Kbytes, 2″ x 2″, 5 cm x 5 cm, 35mm by 45mm, 30mm X 40mm, 50mm x 40mm, 55mm X 50 mm, or 40mm x 45 mm2¾” high by 2″ wide. We follow biometric standards where needed. We offer digital Passport photo in all varieties as well as DV Lottery Green Card Passport Photos, Online DS-160 DS-1648 Visa Renewal Photos. Our company follows the strict requirements and guidelines set out by the USA Immigration & Government, and any country’s embassies or consulate. We are THE Visa and Passport Photos experts; we GUARANTEE that we can provide you with the passport photo or your photo ID needs for any purpose including employee card, LSAT and MCAT ID, websites, etc. For extra fee, we will provide you with as many as headshots you desire in order for you to pick the right picture for your passport photo. Also, as permitted by law, we retouch the passport photos to make your headshot as glamorous and desirable you prefer. This service includes extra fee depending on how long we have to work on your picture. As a rule for most countries please do not wear a white shirt, blouse or jacket. Please make sure your face is clean and not shiny! The rest is with us. Please note we usually respond 24/7 but will charge extra for off hours services.

If you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting, we provide a service that are unmatched by anyone in the industry. We have many different services that will help you with your busy lifestyle. We know how important your time is and we make the process very simple. If you are visiting us online it just got a whole lot easier. Because of our digital processing you can send photos with the click of a mouse and we take care of things from there.

Our professionals know how to prepare photos that are unique and professional. If you are not sure how to take a photo, let us know and we can help. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and get the quality you deserve. You may have a photo that is already prepared but you are not sure if it will work or not. Let us help.

We follow the strict guidelines setup for this process. The photos must meet those requirements, this is what we do. There are things to take into consideration before sending in a photo and those are: You should never be too far away in the photo, avoid flash reflection, do not close or tilt your eyes, the image needs to be normal light, eye glass cannot cover a person’s eyes, do not cover the face, avoid shadows, have a natural expression, and if taking infant pictures no toys in the background. Let us handle the rest.

Normally if you can provide a digital photo taken from the mid section up we can make the photo’s the correct size and provide the required size photo. When working with photos we have to take many things into consideration as passport photo professionals, so we make the determination based on those principles on what will work.

We have been in business for many years and are very knowledgeable on the rules, requirements, and regulations that pertain to having the correct passport photos for any country. Whether it’s for you, a loved one, a child or infant, we can provide quality Visa or Passport photos for everyone. Your time is important and we value your business, so whether online or at our store our service is excellent quality and professional. We are THE Visa and Passport photo experts in Los Angeles and can satisfy any of your photo requirements. When you need a Visa or Passport photo done with strict requirements for US immigration and the US government we are the experts, let us show you today.

To get a passport photo, there are many places. Usually 2 photos are required when applying for most passport services. Where you get a passport photo is important because Unacceptable pictures is one of the main reasons that passport applications are delayed. So where you get your passport photos is important.

Avoid the following places and situations, if you want your photo to be accepted and not have delays for your passport application:
1- Old pictures you have stored on your computer. Passport photos must be recent and taken within last 6 months. Also, you do not know the rules and regulations to edit your passport photos.
2- Photo booth,
3- Do not use cheap disposable camera. The quality will be bad and grainy. These passport photos will certainly be rejected.


Professional Photography: Not everybody does the job right but we do.

Our team has a knack for a unique artistic, creative, flexible, and relaxed sense of
style in its photography and printing. All their services are presented at very
reasonable prices that are entirely backed up by a long line of completely satisfied
customers. Visit Photo Experts today for a slew of visually aesthetic professional photography such as
wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, headshot photography, maternity, new born and baby photography, quality headshot printing, zed card design and
zed card printing, comp card design and comp card printing.
and printing, stylistic close-ups and many other samples.
Our photographer’s goal is to produce a successful picture, capturing and preserving your precious
moments as if painting a picture, telling a story or recording an important event in your
Even commercial photography, when companies have a large product launch or a branch opening, they hire a photographer to record the event and use for publicity material in publications or websites. The professional photographers will again be able to advise to get the best results in Los Angeles.

With the digital age there has been a large increase in photography, but sadly many photographs are poor quality using digital cameras. For the perfect picture, professional photography is the only way to get a perfectly composed picture. Professional photographers will always make sure that the subject is perfectly positioned with ideal lighting and background to give a perfectly composed photograph. At Photo Experts, we have professional photographers that specialize in this field. Please visit us for samples of our photography work. We provide the best of both service and price.