Do it Yourself Transfer of VHS to DVD, Film to ….

To transfer VHS to DVD or to copy old film to a digital form is not as easy as you might think. Converting of old video cassettes and dusty film reels will be very challenging if you want to do it yourself or have it done unprofessionally. You can do part of the transfer, or all. You have to be careful either way. If you are a beginner, to make an irreparable mistake is likely to happen. You can damage any of your originals beyond repair. Also, if the “professional” you use, lacks the required knowledge and equipment to do the job right, this could happen too. Either way you might destroy your original media in the process. Do it yourself (DIY) transfers might need some trial and error, and some media that you are willing to risk losing them. At Photo Experts, we do professional transferring of ANY media (VHS, 8mm film, etc.) to various digital formats such as DVD. We are sure that our results are extremely better than what you could after several of hours of work. We will enhance the signals for old medias, and transfer most information such as subtitles, etc. that you might not know how to do.
Preserve videos and film reels conveniently with our professional VHS to DVD services in Los Angeles

Wedding photography: We ARE the right one to pick!

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Wedding photography is a major sector of any professional wedding photographers in Los Angeles and can often be booked up a year in advance, so early booking is essential.

The photographer will ask their client how much work will be involved, for example, will they just be needed at the church or perhaps the reception and into the night to record the celebrations. It is important to remember that so many events in our lives might only ever happen once, making it important to get someone who knows what they are doing. An experienced professional who has dealt with wedding photography will know exactly how to compose the picture, giving the customer a valuable collection of pictures to treasure for the rest of their lives.

Occasion photography is also a major part of a professional photographers work. The occasion could be a party, 21st birthday, bar mitzvah or any other events in your life or business. We are here to provide an incomparable service for all occasions.

We do have variety of magnificent wedding albums that will treasure your photos for many years to come.

Our wedding photographer, one of the top Los Angeles photographers Faye has many years of experience in this field. For more information and free consultation with her, call 310-9033841. You will be happy you did.

Photography For Websites: Why is it so important?

Photography For Websites

When planning to create your business website or personal one, you need to pay attention to the photos you place on your websites pages.

The most important one is the headshot of the owner, mangers, or other employees in “About Us” section of your website. Headshot photos will build trust and customers feel comfortable to approach you or your business. Also pictures of your location and surroundings are important.  We do proper photo retouching and pay attention to picture resolution for all photos used on the websites.

We are experts in professional photography and have extremely reasonable prices for our fantastic work including  headshot photography, and providing photography for your events, store or office location. Please make inquiries with our photographer to ask the rates and availability.

We as professional photographers often get a lot of our work through recommendations and are quite busy, so always make a booking well ahead of time to make sure we are available for your headshots, event and in your choice of place or venue.

Photo Enlargements: Avoid grainy texture by using us.

<h1>Photo Enlargements is one of our expertise. </h1> With the birth of digital photos,  we know if you want a picture to be enlarged, you are looking for quality of work. Otherwise you can enlarge it on your computer. <h2>Bring any type of photo, slide, digital file, and we let you know how big you can make it without being grainy or pixelated </h2>.  We can scan your old photos and enlarge it in a way that will surprise you.  Our pricing is fantastic and our quality of work in incomparable.

Greeting photo cards

Greeting photo cards

In Los Angeles, we are one of the few remaining photo laboratory with many years of experience doing it. Trust us with your Christmas, Holiday, personal, or business greeting or thank you cards in any quantity.

Los Angeles Photo Lab & Photo Scanning Services

In Los Angeles & Santa Monica: complete professional photo lab with volume discount for photo scanning services and digital imaging services.

With ith over 35 years experience in photo business, we do all types of photo lab services including digital imaging such as scanning images and pictures into JPEG format with high resolution , photo printing, photo scanning, slide scanning, photo restoration and retouching, photo gift items, C41 film processing, headshot printing, zed and comp card design and prints, passport photos, design and custom work catalog and poster, and any other photo related services.

We use the finest digital photo techniques including photoshop to fix flaws, lighting, and colors. For photo prints we use quality photo paper and saturated colors for optimum results.

Also, we do any media to any digital format transfer services including VHS to DVD transfer.

Poster printing: Why, where, and how it should be done?

Poster printing is very effective method of advertising and an inexpensive way to advertise your products and services. Posters usually are printed on big sheets of paper for public display. We make posters in all sizes to meet your requirements. Posters are  great ways to grab people’s attentions for your product or service.

Printing posters to excellence is our mission. We discuss with you to design a perfect poster printing for your business objectives. Making use of imaging software, we manipulate photographs and make textual content and graphics. The colors can be adjusted to meet printing standards. Handmade graphics could be scanned in to a computer or directly copied. We utilize high resolution images as the  low resolution images will make your design pixilated.

Poster printing is truly a great way to market your message. Using the right form of printed poster, you can make a lasting effect on people who view them.