We know of all countrys’ rules for passport photos

We do Schengen visa and passport photo too.

Other Countries Passport Photo

Our Photo laboratory and passport renewal consulates for these countries: Israel, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, and Azerbaijan  are in the same building as we are: 11766 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 90025. Austria is across the street. This fact and our vast experience in photo business are some of reasons that we have become experts in doing passport photos and visa pictures. Also, we have best service and prices in Los Angeles. Just read our review on the web. We do all international, foreign, and European passport photo sizes and dimensions in Los Angeles with GUARANTEE for acceptance.

We are experts in doing all passport photos according to the rules and regulations of all countries.

We are the passport photos expert in Los Angeles for all countries such US, Canadian, New Zealand, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, USA,  Australian,  Greek,  Iranian,  British, Canadian, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvian, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Norway, Brazilian, Chinese, European Schengen,  Shanghai, Irish, British, Norwegian, Israeli, Irish, Honorary, Uruguay, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka, de España,Spain, South Africa , Romania, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay , Nicaragua, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexican, Kuwait, Lebanon, Kenya, Korean, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Honduras , Hungarian, Guatemala, Greece, Ethiopia, Finland, France, El Salvador, Ecuador , Danish, Dominican, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, China, Bolivia, Brazil, Belize, Belgium, Bangladesh, Austrian, Armenia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, etc.

Please bring a copy of instructions of the country you need the visa picture for, and we compare it with our copy in case there are new changes.

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