Travel tips to get through TSA security by Maxine Greco

These Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  tips will help gettravelers on their way and will help speed travelers and their gearthrough airport security procedures.

Here are a few tips for traveling with golf gear since there is nobetter time than a vacation to hit the links. Fertilizers used on manygolf courses can trigger explosive trace-detection equipment. Beforeflying, be sure to clean off clubs. Also remember to pack clubs in atravel bag and consider leaving it unlocked.
Vacations are also a great time to go scuba diving, catch some fish orgo camping. Scuba tanks are not allowed on commercial airlines forsafety reasons. Ship scuba tanks or consider renting a tank at yourdestination. Fishing tackle and sports gear – such as bats and lacrossesticks – must be checked.
Outdoor enthusiasts will pack sun tan lotion, bug repellent and otherskin care products. Usually, it is fine to pack these items in eitherchecked or carry on bags, but travelers should check with their airlinebefore flying with aerosol canisters as some canisters are flammable.Summer travelers who want to bring back favorite foods from theirdestination can do so, but should know that some food products mightcause your checked bag to be screened for security reasons. And checkprior to packing food items, as there are some restrictions on somefruits and vegetables. Pack food products in carry-on bags.

Use special TSA locks and locking straps only. It can be tempting toover pack bags when vacationing. TSA suggests that travelers considerhow they pack and understand that Federal Security Screeners may have toopen and physically search a bag as part of the screening process.Overstuffed bags are more difficult to close once opened which couldresult in delays for checked luggage. Also, small items won’t getmisplaced if you use plastic bags or special packing cubes made for thispurpose.

Family memories last a lifetime, and so should photos and videos.Passengers traveling with underdeveloped film should pack these items intheir carry-on bags. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage ordestroy undeveloped film. Have your passport, boarding pass and photo IDreadily available. For photo ID in Los Angeles use us, Photo Experts.Airport ID’s are ideal for this purpose. Avoid over packing and carryone of those fold up carry bags for additional purchases. Check ahead oftime with your airline or travel agent for maximum weight and luggagesize limitations. Otherwise, you may be surprised with additional travelfees.
The following general packing tips apply to both carry-on and checkedbaggage and will help you to move through the screening process morequickly:
· Do NOT pack or bring prohibited items to the airport .
· Put all undeveloped film and cameras with film in your carry-onbaggage. If your bag will pass through the X-ray machine more than 5times ask for a hand inspection to prevent damage
· Carry-on baggage is limited to one carry-on bag plus one personalitem. Personal items include laptops, purses, small backpacks ,briefcases or camera cases.
· Don’t forget to place identification tags with your name, address andphone number on all of your baggage, including your laptop computer.  Place an identification tag inside your baggage. Also have your passport, photo ID and boarding pass readily available.  For your photo ID use us:

Attributes of a Successful Fashion Model in Los Angeles

As there are no  natural born doctor or a natural born TV repair person, there is also no such thing as a natural born fashion model. 

Modeling is learned too. There are some insider secrets you need to know before pursuing a modeling career.

Successful models don’t say:  “I am just as beautiful as this girl so I think I’ll become a supermodel.” 

A NATURAL-BORN MODEL does not exist!!!

Yes, some people have a natural beauty and some learn quicker than others. These attributes are important. But, there is no such thing as a natural-born model.

If you believe this, do you believe there is such a thing as a natural-born surgeon? Do you think that the most famous surgeon in the medical profession was born to be a doctor?  He or she was delivered the doctor who brought him into this world did not say, “Look!!! It’s a surgeon!!”

For this man to become this famous surgeon, it took many years of education, internship, and watching other doctors before he was even considered to do actual surgery.
Still he or she might not become a famous surgeon.

The point is that modeling can be a rewarding profession but it does require some effort on your part.

The following are some of the attributes of successful models ..

Learning ability and intelligence
Self confidence
Willingness to travel and leave friends and family behind
Good organization skills
A healthy body and lots of get-up-and-go!
A model who is comfortable in setting goals and not afraid to go after them with a dogged determination
Resistance to peer pressure – Stay drug and alcohol free
Don’t just read these attributes. Study them, learn them, and make them a part of your own personality traits. If you don’t have them at first, pretend that you do.
Having a great headshots done by a professional photographer is well worth it.
Zed or comp cards are a must.

Remember, you will become what you think and the way that you act. You’re not lying when you say, “I am in the process of writing down my goals for modeling and on my way to becoming successful.” You’re just telling the truth in advance!!
We are experts in doing zed card design, and headshot photography and printing in Los Angeles for all actors and models.

How to Select a Los Angeles Model or Acting Agency Without Getting Burned

Modeling in Los Angeles is a very competitive field and it takes persistence to carve out your place in this industry. 

Hopefully, this will help beginning models and even the more experienced seekers to become savvy
in choosing a model agency to represent you.

For  aspiring model or actor, especially a beginner, you’ll want to read this article before making
contacts to model or acting agencies. When prepared, pursuing a modeling career is not that hard.

The old cliche that says, “I’ll just go down to the corner of Hollywood or to the mall and get discovered.” is totally
bogus! Believe it or not you’re going to have to do some hard work to create a need for your modeling
services. Most models are not discovered on the street corner; they were
“discovered” by making contacts and had the right portfolio.

Even though you will be turned down by some agencies, you’re in good company. These are
some of “failure” stories:

1. Elvis Presley was turned down and was told that he would never make it as a singer.

2. A music group was turned down by a major record company because “groups using guitars are on their
way out” stated the company. This group was The Beatles!!

3. Tyra Banks was turned down by 4 out of 5 agencies and barely went  through the fifth door. Also
turned down at one time or another were most of the other superstars.

But, they all had one thing in common, dedication and persistence. No one took the first no as an insult.
If you are turned down by an agency, go on to the next, and the next. Remember, it’s always too soon to

The biggest question; “How committed are you to doing the really tough work involved
to become a model?”

The world of modeling is very competitive and only those willing to put in the hours of practice and the
other time it takes to make contact after contact with model agencies will be able to work in the modeling

Contacting Local Model Agencies – Here are five tips if you plan to promote yourself in Los Angeles and Hollywood:

If you plan to promote yourself locally put together a professional portfolio and keep contacting model
agencies & photographers who may need your services. Needless to say we are one.

1. Set goals for what you want and keep at it.

2. Steer clear of agencies who ask for large sums of money for so-called “training” unless you feel that you
just want that particular experience.

There are plenty of legitimate agencies out there. You may want to try doing a search online for local model
agency listings in your state.

3. Advice from consumer advocates, former (modeling) customers and ex-agency employees for avoiding
modeling scams:

Avoid paying fees in advance. Legitimate agencies make their money from commissions. If you’re asked to
pay for extra composite cards, check out the company with the Better Business Bureau and state consumer

If you are asked to sign a contract, take it home first. If they refuse, walk away.

Ask for reference lists of clients and ask what kinds of jobs the agency books.

4. Talk to other working models whenever possible. They can give you valuable insight and maybe steer you
to a good agency or clients.

5. Always take someone with you when going to interviews or photo shoots. – SAFETY FIRST! I can’t
stress this enough!

6- Have a professional photographer take headshots, and good experience photo lab to do your zed ot composite card.  Their prices should be affordable but their work quality not cheap, so you can go back to them for different types of headshots or photographs.

7- Have your headshots, photos, and zed cards printed on a quality paper.

These ideas are just the beginning in your modeling or acting career! Take your time and learn everything you can
about modeling, acting, and the agencies before “jumping in” and you’ll have an easier time than those who don’t.
Success in modeling will take effort on your part. Go for it!
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