Is it OK to transfer your old media to digital YOURSELF?

We are experts in transferring any media format to another. Also, we do duplication of any media format in any quantity. Commercial accounts welcome. Please click here to read about do it yourself converting.

The idea of capturing moments and special memories in film and on video tapes is to
preserve them throughout time. There are so many important events of your life that you
will have saved on these VHS and VCR tapes. With technology taking new strides towards
more effective media, video tapes and VHS media have become outdated. A lot of retailers don’t
have replacement or repair options for VHS media and this is where you will need to
consider Photo Experts for high definition and digital conversions in Los Angeles. If your tapes are damaged in any way,
your precious memories will be lost forever. This can be avoided by our media encoding services that will be able to convert your VCR tapes into files and formats that
are commonly used by the latest routine media appliances.

These are some of our services:
Videos transferred to Quicktime files
Blu-ray authoring and duplication
Tape to file services
Duplication, editing, DVD conversion and mastering
High Definition Conversions
Media Encoding
Video Editing Los Angeles
DVD Authoring Los Angeles
Movie Film Transfer
Standard Conversions
Post Production
AVID Editing
HD Duplication
Hi Def Duplication
Video Duplication
DVD Copying Los Angeles
DVD Duplication
High Definition Conversions
Video Equipment Rentals
Video Editing
DVD Authoring
Video Copies
Demo Reels
DVD Dubs
DVD Copies
Actor Reels
Pal to NTSC
Video To Web
Video To DVD
VHS To DVD Los Angeles
Hard Drive To Video Los Angeles
Film To DVD

Converting old tapes into new format files will be offered by several different kinds of
service providers. While large high-end companies offering video editing in Los Angeles will
offer high quality solutions, their expenses will be incredibly high. Doing the task on
your own with video equipment rentals will be a difficult task that might
seem affordable but it will deliver bad quality and will be time consuming. You will be
able to avoid spending too much money or risking the video quality by going for a
specialized firm that provides services like film transfer.
Photo Expert solutions offering standard conversions will have superior
equipment and we will offer local level services that are friendly and have a personal
touch. The sort of pricing we offer will also be highly competitive and will guarantee
excellent results.

Professional solutions offering HD duplication will be
able to service all kind of tape formats like VHS, S-VHS, VHC-C, VHS-D, Digital S, Beta,
BetaMax, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Video 8, Hi-8, Laser Disc, 8mm film, 16 mm film, slides, film reel, movie film, etc. These Hi Def
duplication services will be able to work with various standards like NTSC,
PAL, SECAM, HD 720 and HD 1080

With the aid of firm offering video duplication in Los Angeles, you will be able to do media
to media transfer. Duplication of video, CD, DVD, Blu-ray files
will be possible. To
preserve your videos, VHS tapes can also be converted to DVD, CD and Blu-ray formats.
These high definition conversions will also have the capabilities to
transform your reels, slides and pictures to a DVD format that will make the job of
maintaining them really easy. You don’t have to worry about caring for your special
videos, pictures and films once you have utilized the advantages offered by our services
catering to Media encoding in Los Angeles. Please click here to read about VHS videotape to DVD transfer service.

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